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Our RV body shop employees are quality trained craftsmen with years of experience. We specialize in fiberglass reconstruction and metal fabrication. Utilizing the latest specialized techniques for repairs, our body shop is capable of tackling any insurance claim and delivering to our customer a quality repaired product.

Let our parts department locate the needed parts to restore your recreational vehicle, towable travel trailer, 5th wheel, class C motorhome or class A motorhome back to the way you like it.  Give us a call!!

Best RV Repair and Body Shop in the Mesa, Arizona Area

Get a lifetime warranty along with quality repairs at RV Renovators in Arizona Let RV Renovators take the stress out of your RV body shop repairs.  Our state-of-the-art body shop along with expert qualified technicians will return your damaged RV back to in a timely manor with quality unsurpassed by any other repair facility.

RV Collision Center

There isn’t a job to big or small for our staff of RV body and paint technicians.  Specializing in fiberglass repair, gelcoat repair, metal fabrication, filon replacement, and using quality factory parts and materials our factory trained collision technicians are the best RV collision specialists in the valley.

Body Repair

With 50 years of fiberglass repair and metal repair, it is understandably why RV Renovators is known nationwide for its body repair services.

If you need any type of body work done on your RV, then RV Renovators is just a phone call away. Your RV is a major investment, and like any other investment, you want to take care of it. Your RV allows you to go on long trips with friends and family members while enjoying a level of comfort that most other people on the road could never imagine. You don’t have to sit in a stiff car seat, you can relax on a couch or sleep in your own bed at night.

An RV allows you to live a luxurious lifestyle when traveling, so when something happens to it and it needs repair work, you should only trust the best in the business to work on it. RV collision repair requires the touch of an expert to be done properly. The last thing you want is to hire a body shop that is doesn’t specialize in RVs to work on your RV following a collision. While they may do a fair job, chances are pretty good that an actual RV body shop would do a better job.

Appearances Matter When It Comes to Your RV

While the engine, plumbing, water, and interior of your RV are the most important parts of it, that doesn’t mean that you can just neglect the exterior of it. Cosmetic damage may not interfere with the functionality of your RV, but it’s still an eyesore that you shouldn’t have to deal with. If your RV has been involved in any type of collision, it’s going to need an expert to repair and restore it. If you are looking for an expert, then RV Renovators is definitely the motorhome body shop for you. With many
years of experience in the industry, and a team of experts on-hand, RV Renovators isn’t just the best choice for RV repair work, it’s the only choice.

If you own an RV you probably use it primarily for going on long trips and vacations. It’s your home away from home. So, would you ever let your house start to fall apart and look terrible due to accumulating damage and neglect? Of course not. So, you should show the same level of care and respect when it comes to your RVs appearance. If your RV needs some body work done, then contact the experts at RV Renovators today so you can get it looking it’s best as soon as possible.

How Can RV Renovators Restore Your RVs Appearance Following A Collision?

Following a collision repairing and restoring your RV is a multi-step process. First, any of the major mechanical or electrical systems that were damaged will have to be repaired. Following the repair of the vital systems of the RV, attention must then be turned toward the cosmetic work. RV Renovators excels at all aspects of RV collision repair. We’ll ensure the framework of your RV is structurally sound, and repair or replace any damaged components. Fiberglass repair is particularly challenging, but at RV Renovators we’ll be able to repair or replace any of the fiberglass panels on your RV. We’ll also be happy to repair or replace any cracked mirrors, windows, or the windshield. Simply put, if it’s a part of your RVs exterior we have the expertise it takes to restore it to like new condition.

Why Choose RV Renovators For Your RV Body Work?

RV Renovators has been in the business of RV collision repair since 1976. In that time, we’ve seen just about everything you can imagine, and that wealth of knowledge gives us the expertise that we need to repair your RV. From collisions to fire damage, RV Renovators is up for the challenge. Do you have a minor dent? Don’t put up with it, let RV Renovators fix it for you. What about a major accident that has caused extensive damage? RV Renovators is so good at what we do that we are actually the preferred repair shop for many major insurance companies. We are well prepared for just about any eventuality and have replacement parts on hand for most major motorhomes. We are also experts at fabrication in the event that a custom part needs to be made to fix your RV.

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