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RV Cabinets

RV Cabinet Installation

RV Cabinets Arizona, Is it about time to upgrade those old RV cabinets to some newer, fresher looking woodCustom-RV-Mod-RV-Dinette-with shadow cabinets? RV Renovators is the number 1 RV renovation company in Arizona and many of our customers would tell you the whole world! We pride ourselves on giving you the best value for you money and make sure that you are pleased throughout the entire process.

The cabinetry in RVs is not like ordinary household cabinetry and thus should not be installed in the same manner. When installing cabinets in an RV, there are a lot of things to consider including motion and vibration prevention, self closing hinges, door stoppers, catches among others. Our team has the RV cabinetry expertise to get the job done right and at an affordable cost to you. Call one of our staff members today for a free and friendly quote!

RV Cabinet Parts

Custom-RV-Mod-RV-Dinette-with shadow2There is a huge list of different parts that are often used when doing RV cabinet repair and/or replacement. Some of these include but are not limited to:

  • Adjustable Overhead Hinges
  • Bead Catch
  • Brass Surface
  • Bolts Bulldog Catch
  • Bunk Latch
  • Butterfly Surface Catch
  • Cabinet Door Knobs
  • Cabinet Door Pulls
  • Concealed Catch
  • Door Stops
  • Double Roller Friction Catch
  • Foot Bolts
  • Free Swinging Hinges
  • Keyless Bath Door Lock
  • Lid and Door Supports
  • Locking Tent Camper Latches
  • Magnetic Catch
  • Metal Positive Door Catch
  • Mini Door Struts
  • Mirror Door Guides
  • Mirror Door Rollers
  • Non-Locking Tent Camper Latches
  • Non-Mortice Butt Hinges
  • Piano Hinges
  • Plastic Mirror Door Locks
  • Plastic Positive Catch
  • Plastic Privacy Latch
  • Pocket Door Locks
  • Pocket Door Repair Kits
  • Pocket Door Rollers
  • Recessed Tie Down
  • Screen Door Latch
  • Screen Door Locking Latch
  • Self Closing Hinges
  • Shelf Clips
  • Side Mount Magnetic Catch
  • Single Roller Catch
  • Small Overhead Hinges
  • Southco Push Latch
  • Tent Camper Latch Hooks
  • Tulip Bath Latch

There are many things to decide on when it comes to your RV cabinetry. Fortunately, RV Renovators and their knowledgeable staff can help you make the right decisions for yourirv page bottom coach’s renovation so that you get the right cabinets installed at the right price. Call us today and see how fun an RV Renovation with RV Renovators can be.