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RV Flooring

RV Flooring

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

With the current situation in the RV market, (manufacturers closing their doors and banking problems), it has become very important to keep your RV investment in tip top shape. They just aren’t making them the way they used to. Here at RV Renovators we have seen a sharp increase in the demand of up grading of flooring throughout our customer’s Recreational Vehicles.

There are lots of reasons for replacing the flooring in your RV:

1. Flooding problems

2. You don’t want to buy a new RV, just update the one you have (these are before during and after photos of a RV Floor replacement we did recently).

3. Soiled and worn condition of the flooring

4. You’ve changed spouses and it’s not their colors.

5. You had to because there was a leak somewhere, got under your carpet or tile and the thought of mold in your RV doesn’t appeal to you.

Most RV owners don’t realize they may have had a water leaking problem that could result in a mold issue, until they replace their flooring. It’s a good time to address those problems.

No matter what the reason is, it’s a good idea. Treat your coach good and it will return the favor.

The RV flooring products they have on the market are unbelievable. They now have particle board that looks just like hard wood and ceramic tile (grooves and all), stronger than tile, yet lighter wood.

Knowing that the lighter your coach the more economical it is on gas mileage sounds more convincing than the usual “it’s dated and I don’t like the colors anymore” excuse (even though all reasons are valid and justified).