Roof Neglect will eventually remind you the importance of maintenance

Here in Arizona, Mesa to be exact, as the heat takes its toll and causes many Tire Blow-outs its easy to loose focus on the importance of a good roof seal. As Monsoon season begins in Arizona it’s always better to bring your Motor Home, Trailer, Fifth Wheel, Toy Hauler, and all RVs down before the rain starts and begins to ruin the wood frame or aluminum frame.

You can bring your rig in for a free drive through check out of your roof and then we can tell you how much of a life your Roof seal still has. Here at RV Renovators Mesa Arizona we specialize in all types of services from Collision & Body Repair, Interior remodeling, Windshield Replacement, Custom Cabinets, Custom Paint, #1 Fiberglass Repairs in Arizona. Once again bring your RV in to our facility so we can help keep your house on wheels your home.


Junior CEO

Levi Germaine